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§ 1 Limitation of Liability
The contents of this website have been created with highest possible care. Nevertheless the provider does not warrant trueness, completeness and actuality of the provided contents. The usage of this website is at the users own risk.  Contributions that has been marked by name, convey the opinion of the author and not always display  the opinion of the provider. There is no contractual relationship between the provider and the user, resulting from the usage of this website.

§ 2 External Links

This website contains links to websites of third parties ("external links"). These websites are subject to liability of the particular party. The provider veryfied on initial linking, that these websites do not contain any statutory violations. At that point of time no statutory violations were apparent. The provider does not have any influence on the actual and future configuration and content of linked third party websites. To set up external links does not mean, that the provider internalizes the contents behind these links. A steady control of all external links, without any advise about statutory violations, is not reasonable. In case of awareness of statutory violations, due external links will be deleted immediately.

§ 3 Copyrights and Ancillary Copyrights

The contents published on this website underlie the German Copyrights and Ancillary Copyrights and any illegitimate exploitation within this scope requires an agreement of the provider respectively the right holder in advance. This especially applies for reproduction, editing, saving, processing respectively displaying of contents in databases or other electronic media or systems. The contents and rights of third parties are marked due. The illegitimate reproduction or transfer of particular content or complete sites is not allowed and chargeable. Merely the production of copies and downloads for personal, but not for commercial purpose is allowed. Displaying this website in other frames is only allowed, after explicit permission of the provider.#


Privacy Policy


Data Privacy

In the following we would like to inform you about our privacy policy. You will find informaton about the elicitation and usage  of personal data on using this website. We set as basis the German Data Privacy Act. You may retrieve this privacy policy at any time at our website.

We explicitly advise, that the data transfer through the internet (e. g. communication via email) may involve gaps in security and cannot be fully protected from access of third.


The usage of contact data from our site notice for commercial advertisement is not welcome, unless after written permission of the provider or whilst an existing business relationsship between the provider and the advertiser. The provider and all mentioned persons on this website hereby disagree on any usage or transferring of their data.

Personal Data
You may visit our webpage without quoting personal data. If personal data will be collected, this occures on a voluntary basis. These data will not be forwarded to third parties without your explicit permission. Provided a contractual relationship between you and us should be justified, contentually developed or changed or if you make a request to us, we will collect and use your personal data, within the scope the contractual relationship (inventory data). We collect, process and use personal data, provided this is necessary to enably you the utilization our web offers (usage data). All personal data will be saved as long as necessary for the mentioed purpose, considering legal periods of retention of tax and commercial law. On instruction of the responsible authotities we are in particular cases entitled to provide information about inventory data, if this is necessary to pursue purposes of prosecution, averting of danger, fulfilment of legal tasks of authorities for constitution proction or interlectual property rights.

​Access Right

You have at any time the rights to gratiutously and and immediately inquire collected data about yourself. You the right at any time to revoke your agreement of usage of your personal data. To gain information please adress to the contact mentiond in the site notice.

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