Patrycja and Electroduction were fighting a bit who will win :-)

Finally they could not make a clear decision.

BUT: Electroduction offered to have a second tech remix released on Electroductions coming Techno Album "Call Me E" (between October /18)

Patrycjas Album - Winner Tech Remix:



1st price will be released on Patrycjas album.

This remix matches at best with Patrcjas Style.

Nonetheless very innovative arrangement and sounds!

A powerful ruff, and dark machine.

This style is especially appreciated in german and eastern european underground techno clubs! With nights that don't stop like for 3 days.

Certainly Patrycja will spin this track too :-)

Electroductions - Album - Winner Tech Remix:



Internationally ass kicking modern Techno with hybrid elements.

To compare these two winning remixes would be apples and oranges.

This one would match in style with Electroductions coming Album "Call Me E"

Modern alley tech with deep synths melodies, many high frequencies, plus a lot of 80s influence in it.

Winner Bass Remix:

Chris Rendall


Strong and various wobs.

Cool Break Effects.

Hard and clear drums.

Good stereo work.

Release tbc.

Congratulatiosn to the Winners!

FYE: both tech winners will receive a noise tech video on youtube!

Guess we all agree on: Music is just the best stuff on earth and enables us all to design our own space.

Metaphysical is physical! Thanks for inviting us to spend some with you time in your own architecture :-)

Every participant received a personal statement as we had a managable number of participants. Nonetheless hard competition and decision! We love to thank you all for your work, time, and listening. All remixes were really cool and a pleasure to listen to  :-)

We will run more contests here soon with interesting sounds an ideas.


For everyone not mentioned by Artist name above:

If you would like to release your remix with another connection or else please shoot us a Soundcloud message with your email in it and we will send license to the stems within 14 days.

Thank you all for your participation!


Cheers :-)

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