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Patrycja was born on 31th of December 1986 in Falkenberg. She already discovered her passion for electronic music in her very earlies. During her youth Patrycja has listened to many different artists and electronic tunes, also offside the mainstream. But she always asked herself how to create electronic music. During her oddessey for new club experiences, she could not longer deny, that it‘s the perspective from behind the clubmixer, she felt attracted to. In 2010 she made the deciding step, got herself a mixer and struggled along as RnB and chart DJane at smaller parties. But she rapidly recognized „This is Not Me!“. Pay Deuce ... Whatever ... From that moment she swore herself only to spin sound that makes the hearts of all techno lovers and above all, her own heart beat faster. Eversince she loves spinnig than hardly nothing else. With this joy and enthusiasm she has rapidly made herself a name in the West-German underground techno scene.  But she felt that something was missing, somehow. Patrycja had an own vision of how techno could sound. Therefore she decided to start producing in 2012. She quickly developed her own unique style. And her fans show a lot of glad, through filled floors and nights of inexhaustible dance performances. When she spinned her own sound for the first time, her dark inexorable style has coloured the sky black above the local  techno scene. A new era has begun! ... not only for her.


In 2014 Patrycja released several collabo ep‘s and singles for example “Time“, “Unsichtbar“ and “Overshoot“, with features like Kunz, Roman Jahn and Moe.Ritz.

In 2015 she released several singles and Features, such as “Road Trip“, “Technology“ and “Get that Drum“ with different labels. Artist like Morphling, Brotech and Alberto Ruiz are represented. In 2016 she released the singles “Ping Pong“ and “Stronger“ with Moe.Ritz.

Synaptic Anarchy is happy to release the greatest  opus of hers “Volatile“ as an album in 2017.



What do you Love about making music?

“I prefer creating dark atmospheres and letting evil or dirty sounds appear in a musical context. While producing I can completely isolate, and build my own acoustic scenarios,

that I share with my soulmates  on the dancefloor.  

And of course the Bass has to be stomping :-)”


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