These terms and conditions apply between Label and Artist to define the regulations within Artist’s participation in one or more remix contests organised by Label.





Within these terms and conditions only remix contests, placed here.


Synaptic Anarchy Records, Friedhofstraße 5, Oberhausen, (Germany), Labelcode: 57588,

VAT-ID: DE310615107, Owner: Ramón Szellatis.



Any participant in a contest run by Label.



Audio material provided by Label, to use by participant for creating a remix.


Submission / to  submit a remix

Artist’s declaration of intent to participate in a remix contest by and sending link of the uploaded remix to Label.

Terms and Conditions for Remix Contests:

  1. Artist has got an own soundcloud profile, or will or will create one before submission.

  2. Remix havs to be mastered by Artist before submission.

  3. Participants under 18 years of age require their parents or legal guardians written permission confirmed by Label, to participate in a remix contest.

  4. Upload of the remix only to Soundcloud.

  5. Artist uploads a full version of the remix to soundcloud only in private mode.

  6. Artists uploads a preview version of the remix (max. 60 sec) in public mode.

  7. Without Label’s permission, Artist will not upload any other versions of remix than mentioned and than in the way mentioned.

  8. Artist sends private and public links of uploaded remix (please in one message) via Soundcloud to

  9. Only one contribution per artist and remix contest allowed.

  10. Artist is not eligible to enter a contest or eligible for disqualification after entering the remix contest if,

    • Artist does not possess all rights to the remix, exempt from the respective stems, or

    • another person or company, but the Label and the creators, owns rights on the remix (e.g. if Artist or all work of Artist is exclusively signed), or

    • Artist is employee, agent or representative of Label, or

    • Artist has infringed these terms and conditions within the scope of resepctive contest at any time, or

    • Artist has already signed work to Label, or

    • Artist has not fully understood these terms and conditions, or

    • Artist is under 18 years old and has no written permission of parents or legals guardians confirmed by Label.

  11. Submission is accepted by Label and Artist has successfully entered respective contest, once Artist's remix preview is visable on Label's soundcloud contest profile mentioned above, through repost or in the remix contest's playlist mentioned on respective contest's webpage under

  12. Label may reject submissions, independent of the reason.

  13. Label is not liable for any claims resulting from infringement of these terms and conditions by Artist, and Artist indemnifies Label for any such claims.

  14. Artist will not hold claims against Label.

  15. Label may change these terms and conditions at any time, whereby Label must mention advice to the changes for affected and running contests, on the respective contest’s web page under

  16. Label must not accept submissions.

  17. Label may download and save submitted remixes for the period of respective contest plus 1 month.

  18. Label is not liable for force majeure or third party failure inhibiting or impairing any process of the contest.

  19. Label must neither release winning nor submitted contributions.

  20. Label must not choose a winner.

  21. These terms and conditions are available at

  22. These terms and conditions and the relationship of Artist and Label within a contest are subject to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany.

  23. Shall individual provisions of these terms and conditions be or become invalid or contain a gap, this does not affect the remainder of the provisions. An invalid regulation is to be replaced by a regulation that at most fulfils original purpose of the invalid regulation.

  24. Correspondence concerning contests only through soundcloud music contest profile:

  • soundcloud
  • beatport
  • facebook
  • youtube
  • twitter

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