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His first released songs “One Day” feat. Electroduction and “Crazy Summer” feat. Matt Hanzi are barely missing at any performance.



How did your pseudonym came into life?

“There was this friendly colleague during my vocational training, who used to ask me questions quite frequently. I always tried my best to help by word and action, so that he decided to call me

- The Professor - one day.  And finally my new nick name has somehow, not only establishe among my colleagues at school. By today I still don’t really know whether or how much sarcasm were exactly going on ... But I accept my role, if others can benefit from it  :-) “


Mounir was born on 11th of January 1983, in Ludwigsfelde, Germany. In his early childhood he has already been very enthusiastic about playing the keyboard. During his later childhood and youth he used to skate and breakdance, as well as hip hop and jazz dance. In his later youth he found himself among the rock and hip hop scene and expressed his creativity through writing song lyrics and playing the guitar. In 1999 at Love Parade in Berlin it finally happened ... his love for electronic music has taken over. Since that day, he has steadily concerned himself with electronic music and has been a welcome guest in different local clubs. After learning and living the Techno and House scene for a felt decade, his life has already been revolving around the music. Therefore it was obvious taking the step, giving himself up to fate, and take the first steps of producing. As he intended not to spin his own songs onl, he decided to get himself a small mixer, but that bored him already a few month later. A real clubmixer was necessary! Only a short time later he started to hit the clubscene under the pseudonym “The Professor”. Not only through his special selections of songs, but also through his natural charisma, he has rapidly convinced the local crowds and gained a post as Resident DJ at an innovative scene club in Krefeld. But also through his guest performances at several locations in NRW, our Professor has become an irreplaceable bass-injecting engine of club-heating.


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